Linda Stirling

Hi, I’m Linda Stirling and I’m glad you’ve arrived at The Publishing Authority. Whether you’re relaunching a book that’s been on the market for a decade, launching your first book, or just getting started, you’re in the right place.

Among the many things you can learn are how to:

  • improve your writing
  • find and add readers to your list
  • market your books effectively
  • create long-term income from your books
  • learn how to launch or relaunch books to build or maintain visibility and profit from your work
  • plus you’ll be accessing current information, not something that worked two years ago and is now out of date

I’m constantly updating here–and especially in my classes–with new information to help you be a better writer and a smarter writer. “Smarter?” you’re asking. Yes, you need to have the wisdom to market well in order to make money as a writer.

In addition to providing loads of free information, I offer these services:

  • professional editing
  • classes so you can learn at your own pace
  • done-with-you publishing guidance
  • ghostwriting
  • done-for-you marketing
  • book launch services
  • book relaunching programs
  • and more

I love working with writers and seeing them be successful. 

I believe in your success!



“In the chaos of information overload, Linda leads the way with her cheerful confidence and knowledge that gives us critical information to make a breakthrough that can only happen if one is inspired to make oneself better. What sets Linda apart is that she cares, for she engenders a spirit that gives you hope that your writing dreams can manifest.” Steven Viscuse