Done-For-You Bestseller Marketing

We DO NOT guarantee you will have a bestseller, we only promise to do the marketing that we’ve done to launch other books to bestseller status. We highly suggest the book is professionally edited before entering this program. We reserve the right to limit acceptance and we need to review the book before we can accept it.
Sixty days of bestseller support. This includes:

  • A one-hour strategy session with Linda Stirling as the project begins so your goals can be discussed.
  • We promote intensively for you for sixty days, covering all expenses for our select group of promotional outlets and for targeted Facebook advertising. Promotions are rotated to keep your book as visible as possible. Our goal is to get your book to rank as a bestseller on Amazon.
  • Single page website built for you with hosting and your book’s url (if the website name is obtainable, or another url that you suggest). If you have an existing site, we will build an additional book-launch focus page for you.
  • We’re crafting all the promo material for you, including blog posts you can share with friends; marketing emails; and social media content that you can use, plus we will use this material for our active promotion of your book.
  • On the day of your book release we’ll launch an active ONGOING campaign that will share the book throughout social media and on book sites for 60 days.
  • A professional press release will be created and released on the day of launch. If other notable situations arise within that 60 days, additional releases will be written and sent out. We expect you to reach bestseller status, so that information would be shared via press release.
  • A promotional banner for Facebook will be created. If desired, we will set up a separate Author Page for you, complete with banner.
  • Facebook advertising templates will be designed.
  • We will secure ten professional reviews for you on Amazon to get the momentum going.


Send an email to for more information.