28 Steps to Writing Success

28 Step Success Plan

Twenty-Eight Step Success Plan For Platform Building, Book Sales And A
Winning Book Launch

The best time to start would be when you’re first thinking about becoming an author! That’s unlikely to happen, nor will you necessarily begin these steps when you first start writing your novel or your non-fiction work. Don’t despair if you’re coming to this list late in the game. Just pick up where you can and go from that point forward. Everything you do makes a difference!

(When dates are shown, these are indications of ideal time allowances before book releases.)

1. consider adding in elements to your book that will assist you with targeting specific demographics

2. have your book professionally edited

3. make sure your cover and cover material is of excellent quality

4. research your niche to determine best locations for marketing

5. choose a title and subtitle that will aid your marketing

6. look for opportunities for non-traditional sales

7. enter contests

8. develop your promotion and marketing plan (3-6 months, at minimum)

9. create JV partnerships (3-6 months, at minimum)

10. focus daily on building your list of followers & potential readers (ongoing, but start at least 2-3 months ahead of time)

11. create an interview schedule (web-based radio; traditional radio; television; etc. & have as many interviews as possible scheduled around the time of your book release; start this process at minimum 2-3 monthsahead of the launch)

12. upload your eBook on Kindle (2-3 months ahead)

13. take a screen shot of your ranking on Amazon (you’ll want this in the future; update with successes)

14. secure endorsement agreements (3-6 months ahead)

15. develop your bonus gift(s) (2-3 months ahead)

16. have your URL for launch (2-3 months ahead) & set up website (2-3 months ahead, min.); include these elements: sales page, opt-in page, redemption/thank-you page

17. write your sales copy (one month ahead)

18. target your media, then write your media releases (one month ahead)

19. write your series of follow-up email messages (one month ahead)

20. create promotional videos (three weeks ahead)

21. write articles with tie-in (three weeks ahead; be careful if you have a publisher to check with them first)

22. guest blog (three weeks ahead–though you will have established these relationships at least six months in advance)

23. begin having the endorsements and book reviews posted on Amazon and all of your other locations (two weeks ahead)

24. secure reviewers (different than endorsements; two weeks ahead)

25. ask friends and peers to promote; send PDF of book to those who agree

26. day-of promotions

  • post video on YouTube
  • post announcement on your blog and/or website (include video)
  • announce your bonus gifts in as many locations as possible

27. follow-up promotions

  • ongoing reviews
  • possible pricing structure changes (for eBooks)
  • further incentives if needed
  •  tie-ins to other events

28. repeat steps 6, 7 (as appropriate), 9, 10, 11, 18, 22, 27,  any time your book sales need a boost