Linda Stirling has authored 55 books, seven of which were published by a traditional publisher. She is the Publisher at The Publishing Circle and its imprints, Quid Mirum Press, Red Rover Press, and Smooch.

In addition to books, she has also written hundreds of articles, published in places such as Women’s World, First, The Writer, The Huffington Post, and more.


Linda Stirling has worked with hundreds of writers, helping many achieve their dreams. She has an excellent track record of helping writers become successful.

She has taught creative writing since 1988 and has been a writer and editor for forty+ years. She knows writing and publishing inside out, as she co-owned a publishing company and was Executive Editor for another publishing house. Recently, she began accepting work for her new publishing house, The Publishing Circle, which she says, “embraces a new paradigm in publishing.” It's her belief writers should make the same amount of income from their books that publishers do. Because she accepts few works, she teaches writers how they can either find a traditional publisher or self-publish. It’s a great joy for her to teach others all about getting published, how to self-publish, and how to make money as a writer.

She often tells her students, “It doesn’t matter how well you write if no one can find your books.” Much of what she teaches writers revolves around marketing and publicity.


“Linda Stirling is a guest who’s easy to work with and delivers far more than expected.” Nancy Battye, producer of the Nancy Battye Mentor Series and Attitude of Gratitude Series.

As an international speaker, Linda has been a guest on radio, television, and numerous internet programs. She has also spoken before nonprofits and corporations, such as Women of Visionary Influence, The Impact Event, Extraordinary Young People, Camp Fire, Willamette Writers, Nike, and more. As a guest on programs run by authorities as diverse as D’vorah Lansky (Reach More Readers); Sandra Champlain (We Don’t Die); and Laura Stewart (It’s All About The Questions), Linda always adds value to their listeners.

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