Capitalization of Titles

capitalization of titles
Linda Stirling's Writing Tips Won't Stay A Secret

Linda Stirling’s Writing Tips Won’t Stay A Secret

Topics: Capitalization of Titles; Webinars to Promote Your Books

I have a confession to make. (That got you wondering, didn’t it?)

No, nothing too juicy. It’s just about being an editor.

Even as someone who’s written uncountable headlines for newspapers and newsletters, I sometimes have trouble remembering the rules for what’s supposed to be capitalized in a heading and what’s not.

I don’t think I’m alone with that confession.

If you’re a self-published author or editor, you’ve likely rubbed your noggin’ a time or two over capitalization of titles.

Here are some examples of words that might or might not be capitalized in a heading. See if you can pick which of these words should be capitalized:










Not so easy, is it?

Here are the words that should be lowercase: after, from, out, into, and with. Did that surprise you?

That leaves is and are as words that should be capitalized in your title.

But wait, do those rules follow the Chicago Manual of Style’s guidelines (which should be used for books) or the AP style guide?

Now you don’t have to play the guessing game. There’s a cool free sight that tells you which words to capitalize and which ones to keep lowercase AND you can pick the style guide you want to use. How neat is that?

Here’s the link: