Evergreen Book Machine

Your Book Needs To Become An Evergreen Book Machine

Evergreen Book Machine

Everything was reasonably okay for author Lorena Angell. She was selling books and had more reviews than most authors. Then she met Linda Stirling…

  • With Linda’s help, her book sales exploded.

  • Six downloads a day turned into an average of 60.

  • She became a bestselling author in 11 countries.

  • Sales from 47 countries began rolling in.

  • Her books became #1 bestsellers on multiple charts.

  • Her books were optioned for television and film.


Do you want to work with Linda, too? You can, inside Evergreen Book Machine. Evergreen Book Machine is all about teaching you the same things Lorena and others have learned: how to produce the strongest manuscript possible, position yourself wisely, then launch your books so they skyrocket to the top of the charts.

But there’s more. You don’t want books that peak, then fizzle. You want books that continue to produce income for you year after year, giving you a quiet, ongoing revenue source. You want books that enchant readers, educate them, or make an impact in the world. You can only do that if people hear about them.

Creating visibility and income, my friends, is what happens inside Evergreen Book Machine!

In 14 weeks, you’ll learn/receive these things and more:

  • Under the Covers: The Three Key Things You Must Do To Create Reader Engagement
  • How To Avoid Mistakes That Cost Thousands
  • Keyword Traffic Domination To Help Your Book Rank
  • Back Cover Secrets That Every Bestselling Writer Knows
  • Pricing Secrets & Strategies
  • Marketing Mastery That’s Made Cheat-Sheet Easy
  • Four Things Every #1 Bestselling Author Does
  • Putting A Booster Rocket Under Your Book Launch
  • Templates A Ten-Year-Old Could Follow
  • Marketability Assessment To Make Sure You Don’t Bomb
  • Target Marketing Like a Shark
  • Stirling Writing Mastermind – Extending Your Brilliant Connections
  • Lifetime Updates
  • And So Much More…

Each Week:

  • There will be an information-filled webinar you can join live so you can ask questions, or you can listen and watch the recording in your private membership area
  • There will be new tip sheets and tutorials uploaded to your membership area that will help you understand and take action on material that is covered in the webinars
  • Tip sheets and tutorials for topics outside of the webinars will also be included for students more advanced in their marketing skills who want to go further faster
  • You’ll be able to ask questions within the private Stirling Writing Mastermind
  • You’ll be able to track your success, as each writer gains momentum, encouragement, and support

Each Month:

  • There will be an additional all-questions-answered webinar where anything that’s not understood is explained. Linda will go as in-depth as needed to make sure your questions are answered.

You, too, can create an Evergreen Book Machine,
a book that makes money and stays visible, year in and year out.

Your first book begins to build your stable, so you want this one to rank well, be high-quality, and start bringing in money and creating an impact. Then, as you add other books, you start to build a revenue-producing income stream that doesn’t stop. The more top-notch books you produce, the more your income increases. This is how people create a lifestyle income from their writing.

You can gain insider knowledge on how to have your first book successfully anchor you in your genre. Then, you’ll learn how to quickly produce additional books so you don’t spend years struggling to build your writing income or share your message.

Inside Evergreen Book Machine, you’ll have access to Linda Stirling, an experienced coach and publisher, who will guide you and provide you with the knowledge you need to produce books that help you achieve long-term success as a writer.

You’ll Have:

  • The kind of guidance that helped one author take her sales from 6 books a day to 60 a day . . . in less than a week
  • A coach who helped create book sales in 40 countries
  • A coach who regularly helps authors produce bestselling books
  • A coach who wants to teach you essential skills early in your career so you can position yourself for long-term success―the kind of success that will allow you to provide a nice living for yourself
  • A coach who has carefully guided other writers, helping them refine their work, build their audience, and effectively target their readers
  • A coach who doesn’t advocate or recycle old marketing methods that don’t work in today’s rapidly changing market. Instead, you can learn from someone who continues to stay abreast of the latest tactics by actively trialing new methods monthly
  • A coach with a goal: To show everyone who takes the class the best route to having a bestselling book
  • And So Much More…

The Good News Is:

  • You can set yourself up for success in a reasonable period of time—not overnight, but still fairly fast—with the guidance of someone who patiently makes sure your writing quality is good, that you have all the right knowledge, and that you’re guided towards how to create a successful book launch
  • You can get the kind of guidance that helps keep you encouraged and on the right track
  • You can have your best shot at producing a quality book that will get the kind of reviews that make you proud. How? Because you’re learning editing and crafting skills at the same time you’re building your list of potential readers and developing your marketing plan
  • You can learn wise, long-term marketing techniques that will help you sell not only your first book, but all the books that follow

Get The Best Possible Coaching and Book Launch Program On The Market

You could be a success story, but don’t delay, as spots are filling quickly. Linda only works with 100 students at a time. You’re going to get every last piece of Linda Stirling’s hard-earned wisdom, tips, and techniques for boosting book sales. In fact, you’ll be getting information so secret, you’ll need to sign a confidentiality form to guarantee you won’t be sharing Evergreen Book Machine secrets outside of class.

Linda Stirling charges clients between $3,500 and $18,000 per book for doing the same work she’ll be teaching you to do for yourself over and over again (and those clients don’t get her secrets!). You’ll be able to use what you learn… with book after book.

When you’re accepted into Evergreen Book Machine, you’ll find the answers to all your questions.

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Amanda Testimonial
“I learned more from Linda Stirling in a few weeks than I did in four years of college writing courses.” – Amanda Cherry

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get inside Evergreen Book Machine:

Writing Guidance:

  • Title optimization: the positioning that can cause the cash register to ring
  • Copyright, trademark, and licensing info—paranoia or precision: what you need to know
  • The difference between mastering five-star fiction or having your writing simply be a time dump
  • Non-fiction that creates engagement
  • Your writing voice perfected
  • Lifestyle scheduling that keeps you writing
  • Character control: refining and creating memorable characters
  • Determining and crafting your point of view to create loyal readers
  • Story momentum that makes readers call in sick so they can finish your book
  • Mastering the art of proper tenses
  • Finessing your text so it sings to a reader’s ear
  • Starters when you’re stuck in the land of writers’ block
  • The back cover copy secret that every #1 bestselling author has mastered
  • Guaranteeing reader involvement: the three things you MUST do or you’ll fail
  • Amazon book descriptions that sing, have all the earmarks for getting on the SEO traffic wagon, and get people to click the buy button

Publishing Guidance:

  • How to format the interior of your eBooks and print books
  • How to set your book up on KDP (Kindle), CreateSpace, iBooks and Smashwords
  • Critical exterior design knowledge that can make or break a book (plus could add hundreds to your costs if you don’t know these things in advance)
  • Low-cost and no-cost cover designs
  • The things no one tells you about ISBNs that will affect the life of your book & how this choice can help you make, or fail to make, book sales
  • How to easily turning your book into a professional audio book at zero cost

Guidance For Setting Up Your Book:

  • IN-DEPTH training on building your list of readers before you launch, including task lists so you can have your list in place when you’re ready to launch
  • Pre-launch visibility superstars envy
  • Getting money before you push “publish”: how to write a book proposal that brings in dollars
  • Fundraising campaigns that can cover your expenses
  • Creating author visibility and engagement
  • Simple website creation
  • Social media that’s not a time-suck
  • Building your email list: the how, why, and cost-efficient ways
  • Ongoing book reviews that generate momentum

Guidance For Building Your Audience (Also Known As Your Author Platform)

  • Evaluating self-publishing vs traditional publishing – the real numbers and how to make an informed decision that is best for you
  • Literary agents: what they do and don’t do; how to find them; and what they expect. The one key request that makes a difference in your income.
  • Juicy sales copy that keeps your book sales climbing
  • Assessing your market to finesse your launch: insight for success
  • Maximizing impact with Amazon Central
  • Five secret tricks for positioning yourself on Amazon
  • White-hat stellar book reviews made easy
  • Markets outside of Amazon that add dollars to your bank account
  • Launching your book with a bang
  • The relaunch: bringing fresh attention to an existing book
  • The Evergreen method for momentum
  • Building your writing empire

Book Launch Guidance

  • The CRITICAL steps leading up to launch
  • eBook pricing know-how
  • Price matching: the why’s and how-to’s
  • What you MUST do the moment you launch
  • The best days to launch & to have free or reduced-price books
  • How to make your book irresistible
  • And So Much More…

These templates / checklists / tutorials / resources
are included to benefit you even more:

  • Proofreading checklist
  • 50 places to get free traffic for your website
  •  Bestseller checklist
  •  Guide for setting up an Aweber account (to capture email addresses for your marketing)
  •  Guide for setting up your own Facebook Group to help build pre-sale and after-launch attention
  •  Facebook optimization checklist
  •  Goal-setting strategies
  •  Guide to setting up a LinkedIn profile to direct traffic to your author website and/or Amazon
  •  Kindle optimization checklist
  •  How to get on TV and radio
  •  Resource list – contact information for my top outsourcing resources (never before released)
  •  Image resources
  •  Valuable tools for writers
  •  . . . and even more

As if this isn’t enough, you’re getting
these AWESOME bonuses:

Bonus #1

A marketability assessment and professional edit of your first five pages.

Bonus #2

You’ll become part of Stirling Writing Mastermind, an exclusive, invitation-only writers’ support group where you’ll join other writers and get their input and ideas.

Bonus #3

Lifetime Updates!

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Three questions and strategies webinars where you can ask questions relevant to writing or marketing your book.

Linda Stirling

Hi. I’m Linda Stirling.

I care about each person’s success. That’s one reason why I’ve limited the class size in Evergreen Book Machine―so I can do everything in my power to help each person.

I can’t guarantee success for you. I can guarantee I’ll equip you with what you need to make success possible.


I’ve put my all into this course, giving you every bit of insight I’ve acquired over decades in the publishing industry. You’ll get the tips and strategies I’ve used to help others who were just starting out. Plus, I’m providing a list of all my resources, which is something I’ve never done before.

I want you add you to the list of authors I’ve helped propel to bestseller status. Are you ready to start telling others about your bestselling book?

Let’s make that happen, shall we?

My writing clients tell me how much they appreciate my classes, how grateful they are for the way I support them and how much they have benefited from working with me.

I want YOU to be one of my success stories, too.

I can only work with so many people at a time and still deliver the quality attention I want to give and each person deserves, so I’ve limited each class to 100 participants.

I highly encourage you to invest in your writing career and get involved before this unprecedented opportunity is gone.

All the benefits, including replays and multiple templates, will be easily accessible for you inside the members’ area as we progress through the training.

Whatever stage you’re at, whether you’re just starting to write, or you need to give some juice to an existing title, you’ll find the information inside this course invaluable.

With payment in full, you’ll receive all the additional bonuses listed.

If you’re one of the first 10 people to pay in full, you’ll get 60 minutes of one-on-one consultation time. In this highly-focused call, specific marketing tactics for your book will be explored, and I’ll walk you through possibilities most people don’t consider. That’s a bonus worth $300!

In addition to the 60 minutes of consultation time, you’ll get these bonuses:

  • Press release template and examples of attention-getting press releases that you can use to launch or relaunch your book
  • Additional webinar with specialized strategies for getting the press to pay attention to your book. Includes a list of sources where you can get publicity
  • Information sheet with full details on how to set your book up for library sales
  • Your finished eBook will have the interior designed for you in formats you can use on Kindle, Smashwords, and other eBook formats
  • You’ll receive a step-by-step template for your own Book Launch Party

 What if one of the special tricks I know for positioning your book changes? Or a marketing technique is no longer effective?

Unlike other programs, I care that you’re using up-to-date information. Once you’re part of the program, when or if any new information comes my way that is different than what I’ve taught, you’ll get an email update!

(I’m tenacious about getting to the root of every bit of strategy that will help writers.)

How long will I update you? For a LIFETIME.

If I become aware of anything I teach changing, and that information could affect the potential of your books selling, you’re going to hear about it.

Don’t fall for gimmicks!

You’ve been seeing all the “write a book in a week” courses popping up.

Maybe you’ve even bought a few of the “Kindle Rich” types of programs.

They promise you’ll write faster.

They promise your books will rank high on sales charts.

They promise you’ll make more money from your books.

The thing is, the only people who seem to be benefiting long-term from those promises are the ones selling the programs, because nothing is sustainable.

If any of their buyers do get a book to rank well, it’s a quick flash in the pan, then there’s a rapid spiral down to the black hole of book oblivion.

The black hole where no books sell.

This program offers you a different way . . . a way that gently guides, giving you the knowledge, strategies, and confidence you need for success. Think about why you started writing in the first place.

You have a message to share. You want to enchant your audience, entertain them, captivate them, teach them, or transform them.

You probably want to make money from your efforts, maybe even have your writing fully support you and allow you to enjoy a few luxuries or be able to donate generously to causes and projects dear to your heart.

You can kid yourself if you want to, but being able to do these things doesn’t happen inside one of the “get rich, write-quick” programs. They may have some of the elements you need, but none of those programs are complete.

They deliver a fraction of the information you need to be successful.

Another problem with these programs is that many of them use old information and techniques that might have worked two years ago, but don’t have a shot at getting your book to rank highly in this quickly evolving marketplace now.

Few programs address the matter of producing quality books, the kind of books that develop loyal readers. If they are upfront about the need to write an excellent book, they don’t work with you to show you how that’s done.

The missing information – explanations, for example, such as why you should purchase your own ISBN numbers instead of using free or discounted ones – end up costing you lots of money, long-term. Or these gurus don’t tell you how to work with an agent (if you’re not self-publishing) so you can make more money when you choose that route.

None of these folks provide you with key strategies to potentially earn hundreds, even thousands more per book, using simple, repeatable techniques.

The plethora of books produced from such programs make few sales, launch, then disappear, or receive nasty reviews that result in paltry sales.

Needless to say, without solid writing guidance, current marketing information, PLUS all the other information you need to create success for yourself, you end up feeling either like you’re a failure OR you beat yourself up for being duped into buying yet another one of these “Get Rich Quick Selling eBooks” or “Write Your Book In 30 Days” programs and then failing to have a successful book.

None of these programs measure up to Evergreen Book Machine.

What if you had a program that showed you how to make sure your writing was stellar before you ever launched your book? (As a publisher with decades of experience, Linda Stirling can look at your first paragraph and tell you if your book is at the stage where you can sell books or not – or if it will pass the test to acquire an agent or publisher, if that’s your goal.)

Wouldn’t you love a program that teaches you the way to market for long-term success (or helps you revive your book sales if you’ve already launched)?

How would it feel if someone encouraged and supported you as you crafted your book and your buyers’ list, then guided you through the steps of launching your book?

What if the person who helped you had the personal goal of helping everyone in the program become a bestselling author?

You’ve found that program, and that person, in Linda Stirling’s Evergreen Book Machine.

Tony Olson

Tony Olson, author of Spin Game

“When it comes to publishing knowledge and guidance, Linda Stirling is a rockstar. Under Linda’s direction, my first book hit bestseller status in less than three weeks. I cannot think of a better testament for any writer. Her literary skills and understanding of the industry saved me a lot of time and money. Linda definitely over-delivers. I will be taking any course she offers, and would highly recommend that anyone who is serious about writing do the same. If anyone can turn you into a successful writer, it’s Linda.”


Isn’t it time you invested in your success?

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Look what people are saying:

Lorena Angell Testimonial

Linda’s unselfish dedication to helping writers succeed speaks volumes. Linda has always been sensitive to my needs. She is intuitive and was able to say what needed to be said to help me create a polished manuscript. She manages her time wisely and has always kept promised goal dates. I’ve observed how she handles each client with professionalism and how she respects private information. In summary, Linda is a professional editor with full knowledge of proper grammar, punctuation, and what does and doesn’t work concerning fiction and nonfiction. Her marketing advice has made a huge financial difference with my book sales. She is dependable, motivated, and in tune with the needs of writers. I’m extremely happy to have found such a great editor and marketing guide. I highly recommend her. – Lorena Angell, Author of the International Bestseller Series, The Unaltered

Karla Von Huben Testimonial

Linda helped me recapture the wonder of my stories. After working in that environment for so long, I was at a point where the stories were feeling dull and uninspired, and I couldn’t work up much enthusiasm for them. However, her suggestions and brilliant ideas, simple changes of one or two words, etc., brought the tales back to life. All of the emotion, amazement, fun and warmth that should be there, now ARE there, and that’s thanks to her. I honestly don’t have words to say how grateful I am for the improvements she made with her ability to see how to get the story from where it was to where it needed to be. –Karla Von Huben

James Chesky Testimonial

Any writing class Linda offers is mandatory for me. She is a tough but effective editor, and knows how to market what I write. I am miles ahead of where I was, all because of her efforts. –James Chesky

Kumiko Olson Testimonial

Linda edited my book nicely. I couldn’t have published without her. She is very nice to work with and makes sure the quality in everything is good. You will like her teaching. –Kumiko Olson

Susan Glavin Testimonial

I’m so totally all over this! I’ll join those of you who are already in, and if you’re not, let me tell you this: take this course. Linda’s the best. She not only does what she promises, but much, much more. This woman knows her stuff and is a keeper of her word! She already helped me publish, but if I can pick up even a few extra marketing tidbits, it’s worth it to me! –Susan Glavin


Before People Worked With Linda, They’d Say:

  • they got discouraged or stuck
  • they didn’t know what to do next and wished they’d had a guide or checklist to follow
  • they unknowingly did things the wrong way and needed to go back and repair the damage, which ended up costing them months, even years, of time and loads of frustration
  • they didn’t know the market, so they hadn’t used any strategies and weren’t selling books
  • they didn’t know some of the simple ways they could shape their book for buyers
  • they didn’t know how to position their book on Amazon so more potential buyers would see their book
  • they didn’t know how to set everything up for search engine attention
  • they didn’t know the best pricing models, so they guessed at pricing, and lost money or didn’t make as much as they learned they could have made
  • they didn’t have any idea how long or short their book should be, and why
  • they didn’t have any idea why the correct size for their print books mattered
  • they didn’t have all the information they needed to make a wise decision about self-publishing or choosing to find a publisher―and later regretted their choice
  • they didn’t know how to set up their books for print and had been unaware of how they could sabotage the process. They created unnecessary expense for themselves (sometimes hundreds, even thousands of dollars)
  • they’d say they wished they’d had someone guide them through the editing process so they could make basic improvements on their own that would have prevented bad reviews
  • they express regrets that they didn’t know the ins and outs of ISBN numbers and were duped by free and discount pricing
  • they’d say they never really thought about what it takes to actually earn a living from writing and create a career, but decided it was time to learn
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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a finished book, so will the other information be worth it to me?
You bet. I’ve worked with several authors who came to me after their books were finished. They took the information I provided and went back to make revisions I recommended and had significantly more sales. An example in point is author Lorena Angell, who’s one of my biggest success stories. She took my tips and went step by step through them to increase her downloads from 6 books a day to 60 books a day. She went on to have book sales in 40 countries and her books have been bestsellers on many of those charts.

What if I don’t have a finished book yet?
This is perfect for you! Among the advantages:

• You’ll learn some structuring techniques to include inside your book that will make it easier for you to gain new readers; learn how to set up your author profile; etc. Knowing these things in advance will save you time and potentially make you more money when the book is done.
• You won’t have to go back and correct things, so you’re saving time.
• You’ll be setting up your buyers’ list as we go along, so you’ll be ahead of the game when you launch your book.

How much time will this take?
The course takes place over 90 days, but the implementation depends on you. I understand you’ve got a busy lifestyle. That’s why I make it possible for you to listen to the recordings any time you want and as often as you want.

How long does the training last?
The training is set up for 90 days, but you can go at your own speed. Webinars take place weekly. There are also resources in your members’ area you can access and listen to or read at your convenience.

Will this work for any kind of book?
There will always be some genres that will sell better than others. The objective is to make your book a bestseller within your category. One of the things that makes this training unique is the tailoring that’s done inside the bonus Questions & Strategies Webinar each month. In these sessions, we zero-in to find out which of the techniques will work best for you; discuss new marketing angles; and might even create specific campaign strategies for those on the call.

Am I guaranteed a bestseller?
No. There are variables only you control. The topic of the book, for example, needs to be one that will sell. The number of competing titles in your category is another factor. The quality of your writing makes a huge difference (I guide you in ways to make this better and offer examples and checklists, but you still have to do that work on your own, or hire a professional editor). You are the one who has to implement all the strategies. If both the topic and the quality of the work are good, plus you implement all the strategies, you have an excellent chance of reaching bestseller status, but I absolutely can’t promise this, nor can I promise a certain number of sales.

Are all the ranking methods legitimate?
Absolutely. I refuse to use what’s called black-hat techniques. Not only can those backfire on you (even get you banned from sites like Amazon), but I won’t do anything that isn’t above board. If you’re looking for measures that are against Amazon’s policies or other distributors’ policies, this isn’t the program for you.

What if I can’t make the live calls?
You’ll have full access to all the calls, which you can access anytime inside the members’ area.

What if I have other questions?
I’ve got you covered. You’ve got an extra BONUS webinar once a month that’s solely to ask questions about YOUR book—yes, YOURS. In addition to that, a closed Facebook group, the Stirling Book Mastermind, which is open only to members, will allow you to connect with other members in the group and ask questions there as well.

P.S. Don’t forget: If you’re one of the first ten to sign up and pay in full, you get the SUPER BONUS of 60 minutes of my consulting time, a value of $300. This can be used anytime within your first two years of participating!

P.S.S. Did I tell you I love working with writers? I truly want you to be successful!!

What if I want a refund? What’s the policy?
No Worries. The Product Comes With A 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Here’s the deal. Go through ALL of the first month’s training. Ask any questions you have during the Questions & Strategies Webinars. Then, let me work with you one-on-one to break through any challenges if you’re hesitant about continuing, so you’re clear on your book’s marketability and other critical factors. If you show you’ve done everything recommended and you’re still not happy with the program, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

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