Professional Book Editors

Susan Davis

Is your book at the point where an experienced second set of eyes will take it to the next level? Susan M. Davis, is committed to co-creating, nurturing a long and strong relationship, and making the editing process fun. Collaborating with writers and authors for decades, she enjoys editing creative memoir, mystery, and thriller fiction. As your partner, Susan is mindful this is your book, your message, and she assures it is clear to the reader, maintains your voice, and your writing is the best it can be.

Dana Greyson

Are you struggling with how to transform your amazing knowledge and experience into a life-changing book for your readers? You’ve come to the right place.

Dana Greyson will put her twenty-plus year background in high-tech marketing communications—making the fuzzy, dull, and complicated but important stuff come to life in clear, inviting, and inspiring prose. Dana will respect your voice and bring the best possible you forward. See her site for recent projects and a list of other edited work.