Testimonials for Linda Stirling’s professional services including editing, marketing, Evergreen Book Machine, and publishing.

Lorena Angell Testimonial

Linda’s unselfish dedication to helping writers succeed speaks volumes. Linda has always been sensitive to my needs. She is intuitive and was able to say what needed to be said to help me create a polished manuscript. She manages her time wisely and has always kept promised goal dates. I’ve observed how she handles each client with professionalism and how she respects private information. In summary, Linda is a professional editor with full knowledge of proper grammar, punctuation, and what does and doesn’t work concerning fiction and nonfiction. Her marketing advice has made a huge financial difference with my book sales. She is dependable, motivated, and in tune with the needs of writers. I’m extremely happy to have found such a great editor and marketing guide. I highly recommend her. – Lorena Angell, Author of the International Bestseller Series, The Unaltered

Karla Von Huben Testimonial

Linda helped me recapture the wonder of my stories. After working in that environment for so long, I was at a point where the stories were feeling dull and uninspired, and I couldn’t work up much enthusiasm for them. However, her suggestions and brilliant ideas, simple changes of one or two words, etc., brought the tales back to life. All of the emotion, amazement, fun and warmth that should be there, now ARE there, and that’s thanks to her. I honestly don’t have words to say how grateful I am for the improvements she made with her ability to see how to get the story from where it was to where it needed to be. –Karla Von Huben

Tony Olson

“When it comes to publishing knowledge and guidance, Linda Stirling is a rockstar. Under Linda’s direction, my first book hit bestseller status in less than three weeks. I cannot think of a better testament for any writer. Her literary skills and understanding of the industry saved me a lot of time and money. Linda definitely over-delivers. I will be taking any course she offers, and would highly recommend that anyone who is serious about writing do the same. If anyone can turn you into a successful writer, it’s Linda.”  –Tony Olson, Author of Spin Game

Amanda Testimonial

“I learned more from Linda Stirling in a few weeks than I did in four years of college writing courses.”  –Amanda Cherry

James Chesky Testimonial

Any writing class Linda offers is mandatory for me. She is a tough but effective editor, and knows how to market what I write. I am miles ahead of where I was, all because of her efforts. –James Chesky

Kumiko Olson Testimonial

Linda edited my book nicely. I couldn’t have published without her. She is very nice to work with and makes sure the quality in everything is good. You will like her teaching. –Kumiko Olson

Susan Glavin Testimonial

I’m so totally all over this! I’ll join those of you who are already in, and if you’re not, let me tell you this: take this course. Linda’s the best. She not only does what she promises, but much, much more. This woman knows her stuff and is a keeper of her word! She already helped me publish, but if I can pick up even a few extra marketing tidbits, it’s worth it to me! –Susan Glavin